Nada Salhab, MSc, USA

Brief info

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Mrs. Nada Salhab carries with her a wealth of experience from her 10 years in the Nutrition field. She holds a bachelor degree from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, and a Masters Degree in Nutritional Sciences from Texas Women’s University, USA. She acquired her clinical experience from her professional training at Hotel Dieu de France Hospital, Lebanon. Before moving to the UAE, she was operating a private Nutrition Clinic in Lebanon.

Her clinical activities include:

  • Weight mangement (children and adults) and prevention of obesity related diseases
  • Individualized diets and medical nutrition therapy for special health conditions (diabetes, renal, pregnancy, cardiac, etc…)

Body Composition Assessment:

  •              -Body Composition Analysis
  •              -Muscle-Fat Analysis
  •              -Obesity Analysis
  •              -Average energy expenditure and more…


  • Anthropometric measurements
  • One to one Nutrition Education for a Healthy Lifestyle