Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal treatment (endodontics) is a dental procedure used to treat inflammation or infections of the dental pulp, tooth root and surrounding tissues collectively called as the root canal system. It helps to relieve you from pain and saves the tooth. The bacteria living in the mouth cause the infections. The bacteria enter the tooth through cracks, decay, leaky fillings, or dental trauma.

During the root canal treatment an endodontics who specializes in such treatments carefully extracts the tooth pulp, cleans, disinfects shapes the canal cavity and then inserts fillers to seal the space to prevent any more invasion of the bacteria back to the nerve system. If root canal system is not done then the infection might spread causing tooth loss.

Dental X-rays show the tooth pulp that has been damaged by bacterial infections. The pulp dies as the bacteria grows and spreads. Symptoms of a damaged pulp include pain while eating or drinking, biting and chewing and loose tooth. If you feel any of these symptoms it’s the time to see a doctor. You should not ignore any of these signs thinking the pain might go away or that the pulp might heal on its own. Antibiotics also do not effect in healing the pulp.

There are four stages to an endodontic treatment

Stage 1 – Removing abscesses and infections from the pulp

Stage 2 – Removing the decay

Stage 3 – Cleaning and shaping the root canals in a form to seal them

Stage 4 – Sealing (filling) the root canal to prevent further infection or decay. Leaving the tooth to settle.

Root canal treatments are very successful. However, if the infections come back they can be treated again. A root-filled tooth often appears darker after a root canal treatment but by modern dentistry means the discoloration can be restored to a natural appearance. After the treatment it is important to look after your teeth by maintaining a good oral hygiene, giving up smoking and sugary foods.

It is important to note that the modern root canal treatment are virtually painless procedures so patients can feel at ease while planning and undergoing this treatment.