Metal And Ceramic Braces

At German Dental Center in Dubai clear ceramic braces are a popular choice among patients of any age looking for confidence and freedom to smile. They are a less visible type of braces made of ceramic alloys matched to the color of your teeth. Conscious individuals can opt for these nearly invisible braces without attracting much attention to their orthodontics.

Ceramic braces are an alternative to traditional metal braces. An orthodontist to help realign and straight teeth uses them. They were introduced in the 80’s and were called as clear braces. That is true, because ceramic braces are less visible type of brace. Ceramic braces have the unique feature of providing both cosmetic and aesthetic appeal. The braces or brackets in ceramic are clear or tooth-colored that blends in with the teeth, thus hides them form plain view. Clear or tooth-colored wires can further erase there noticeability. Ceramic wires are tougher, durable and don’t stain easily because they are made from high quality material.

Metal brackets or braces are traditional braces. They are customary orthodontic treatment for children and teens. Commonly referred to as train tracks, they have been upgraded and modernized than ever before. Modern metal braces are smaller and less noticeable, visually appealing and comfortable than ever before

Benefits of Ceramic Braces

  • They are stain resistant and do not become discolored during treatment.
  • Ceramic braces blends in with the teeth, making them less noticeable than traditional metal braces.
  • They move teeth much faster than plastic aligners.
  • They are strong (chip or break) and high quality.

Benefits of Metal Braces

  • Metal braces are less expensive orthodontic treatment.

Colored bands give kids confidence and a chance to express themselves.