Care For Your Braces

Taking care of your teeth is difficult once you have your braces on. So you should be prepared for a tougher oral hygiene routine. Braces have plenty tiny spaces that trap food particles. Trapped food particles cause plague, tartar, gum infections and other dental problems. Because of this you need to brush and floss regularly after every meal or snack. It seems difficult and tedious but it can help prevent from many oral health problems. Extra responsibility and care required to care for your braces pays off well in the long run. So it is up to the parents and children alike to be prepared for developing the habit of caring for braces.

Braces do more than improve your smile. They play an active role to align and correct your teeth position. By taking good care of your braces you prevent damage to the braces as well as the teeth underneath.

Your Orthodontic can recommend you professional cleaning as well as guide you with the basics that you can easily follow at your home to keep your braces clean.


Careful cleaning is an important part of the caring process for your braces. The better you take care more effective results braces will yield. Plague bacteria easily finds places inside and around them. Follow this simple and effective procedure daily:

  • Brushing and Flossing

Before brushing take off any removable part of your braces. Use a toothbrush with a soft head. Hold your brush at 45-degree angle and brush the pins and wires of your braces. Brush the top and lower end of the wire and on the brackets itself. Make sure to remove debris and food particles. Floss once a day. You can use flossing product designed for braces.

  • Foods to avoid

Avoid sticky, chew and hard foods. You can take help from your orthodontic in marking the food that are harmful for the braces. Foods like nuts, rice, popcorns or hard pretzels can break the wires and loosen the brackets.

  • Protecting your braces

Wear a mouth guard during sports in order to avoid damage to the braces.

  • Professional Care

Regular dentist and orthodontist visits