Teeth whitening

Clean, white and healthy- looking teeth are a major contributor in a perfect smile. Everybody wants quick and non-invasive ways to enhance their smiles. Teeth whitening are a classic technique to restore and create the perfect smile. It is quick way to achieve brighter, whiter teeth. A tooth whitening is necessary as we get older because our teeth become stained and yellow. There are a lot of factors that affect teeth color like in our diet (drinking tea, coffee, and alcohol) and lifestyle (smoking). Dentistry has developed advanced tools and teeth whitening techniques with affordable price so that people can enjoy brighter whiter smiles.

German Dental Center receives a lot of patients in and around Dubai who come to us for our specialized whitening treatments. The process of teeth whitening at our dental clinic starts by assessing the bleaching process that is most suitable for your teeth. Our dentists decide between the different options to create the extent of whiteness depending on the shade of your teeth, so as to achieve results up to an average of 5-8 times whiter shades.

Teeth whitening effect remains up to three years but your dentist can provide you a better estimation. After the treatment you might feel sensitivity towards hot and cold products but this symptom temporary and will go away after few days. Tooth whitening is healthy and does not affect the tooth enamel. After the whitening treatment it easy to maintain them by maintain proper oral health, brushing and flossing, avoid acidic and dark colored foods and quit smoking.

Almost anyone can undergo this treatment. Our dentists will assess your teeth, oral hygiene and then determine if you are fit to take the treatment. They might also recommend you have a cleaning before whitening.


A professional dentist must always do teeth whitening. Using whitening treatment on your own can cause harmful and undesirable side effects.