Cosmetic Dentistry

A perfect smile is characterized by its shape, color, texture and position. Modern cosmetic dentistry procedures are intended to give you a natural-looking ‘smile makeover’ that will result in a better and brighter you.

Cosmetic surgeries are methods of professional oral care that are concerned with improving and enhancing a person’s appearance of mouth, teeth and smile. German Dental Center provides you with many elective cosmetic and restoration dental treatments. Our cosmetic dentistry is aimed at creating a positive change to your teeth and smile that will boost your confidence, self-esteem and make you smile more. Our team of specialists has a thorough understanding of dental anatomy of dental anatomy, years of training and mastery of dental materials.

From simple to complex procedures, cosmetic surgery has evolved over the years and helped to improve many aspects of a person’s outlook. A wide variety of options; ranging from simple tooth functioning to replacing missing tooth that are available to improve tooth functioning and quality of life.

The choice of treatment in our cosmetic surgery is huge. You can choose from customized dental veneers, bridges, crown and white fillings. Our cosmetic dentistry treatments currently include basic teeth whitening, teeth straightening, bridging between gaps where a tooth is missing or closing a gap, dental bonding, enamel shaping, artificial tooth replacements, white fillings for smaller gaps, chipped teeth and of course a smile makeover.

Cosmetic dentists have devised numerous techniques and tools to resolve problems ranging from crooked teeth, to chipped and broken teeth to noticeable gaps and lastly to clinically sound treatments for full mouth reconstruction that are as natural and long lasting.

Cosmetic dentistry is the new normal in Dubai. Our specialized care can help you to get that one big perfect smile.