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Sunday: 9am to 9pm

Children’s Dentistry

Welcome to children’s dentistry. We have specially designed our clinic to stimulate and entertain children to make them comfortable just like they are at home. Not just our offices, but our talented pediatric dentistry team ‘think-like-a-child’ when tending to dental needs of children and are whole-heartedly committed in helping your little ones in achieving oral and dental health. We aim to make dental visits an exciting and pleasant experience. German Dental Center is a cornerstone for excellence in caring personnel, personalized care, state-of the art equipment and accommodation facilities.

Parents and kids Education

Our goal is to educate parents and kids alike on healthy diet, good teeth brushing, flossing habits and following other dental health regime. We believe that dental awareness routine starts as soon as your child’s first milk teeth grow. By teaching your child about proper oral and dental hygiene at home you can help them to build a lifetime of good oral habits and a lifetime of bright smile. Through regular dental checkups you can save your kids from pain and dilemma of a bad tooth.

Usually first dental visits are difficult for both parents and child alike but we want this to be fun and enjoyable experience. So, we recommend morning appointments for your child’s first visit to pediatric. After a sound full night’s sleep, your child is relaxed and cooperates well. Moreover, morning appointments do not pose hindrance in the remaining routine activities such as naps and mealtimes and of course happy play times. Also, our doctors and staff tailor their general and restorative dental procedures according to every child’s unique needs and temperament. Thus we create a place of care, love and ease for the whole family.

We believe that the children who enjoy their trips to dentists always develop a positive attitude to dental care, health and habits.

We are always excited to meet new kids, so if you are interested in what we offer, do stop by!

Your child’s health is our only priority!