Includes consultation, routine radiographic examination and oral examination. After the dentist has examined you(the patient), he will discuss the treatment to be done and the procedures in a way that you(the patient) will understand.

The Doctor is currently a specialist surgeon for 21 clinics in Dubai and a further 52 in Lebanon, his jobs in the other clinics encompass every part of general and specialist dentistry.

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Dr. Hamdy Al Banna is currently a lecturer and scientific advisor for 3 of the biggest Implant firms in the wold, Friadent, 3i and ITI. Every year the Doctor performs around 600 implant surgeries and has 20 years experience as a implantologist specialist.

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The German Dental Center JLT has employed the chief of restorative dentistry and esthetics department lecturer of St. Josephs University. The German Dental Center JLT offers all aspects of cosmetic dentistry, from zoom whitening through tooth contouring.

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Our clinic has a specialist orthodontist, Dr. Eyad Hamade, who deals exclusively in his field. We at the German Dental Center JLT have found that being seen by a dedicated orthodontist will produce better results that a GP who also practises orthodontology.

For general guidance on Orthodontic care, please read our guide HERE

We have a room specifically designed for the dental care of children, the room is bright in colour and has teddy-bears and toys to take the focus away from any treatment. The German Dental Center JLT provides free flouride treatment to all children, flouride is extremely important for the development of teeth.

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Our clinic gurantees that all prosthodontic material is provided by the best lab in the United Arab Emirates, we also gurantee that untill both you and we are satisfied we will continue working to make your smile perfect.

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TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint disorder ) TREATMENT
If you think you may suffer from TMJ you can read more about it HERE . For more information on the subject please feel free to contact Dr. Al Banna on +971(0)4449-5335 or +971(0)50-2490769 to talk over diagnosis and treatment options.

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If you partake in any contact sports or clinic is for you, we mould single laminate, double laminate and shock-absorbant mouth guards (gum shields) specially for you. Have you ever felt like gagging when you are wearing your store bought boil in a cup mouthguard? Do you ever have trouble talking or breathing? Well, we gurantee ours won’t affect your performance!