About Us

Our Philosophy:
At our clinic we are committed to developing a caring doctor-patient relationship with everyone who visits us.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to provide the best dental care in the region to our-patients.

A Glimpse in the Clinic:
Your dental care is our only concern and every effort will be made to ensure that your visit is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. The clinic has been designed to offer you the perfect ambiance.

The clinic has a rustic lounge style theme where you are able to sit and watch our 42″ LCD TV drinking a complimentary tea, coffee, espresso, hot chocolate, etc..  Alternately you may use our free WIFI on your computer or phone which will enable busy people to work while waiting. We also have a top of the range BOSE sound system with fitted speakers in the ceiling which we play calming music through all day.

The German Dental Center, JLT provides the highest quality equipment to our patients.

Our operating rooms are on the 26th floor with a view of Jebal Ali and the sea, our dentists chairs are positioned to provide a beautiful view to our patients.

The Doctors are able to provide cameras for patients which enables the patients to watch them on the TV in the operating theater,alternatively we have a large selection of DVDs for patients to watch.

The Doctors:
Dr. Hamdy Al Banna is currently a specialist implantologist for over 50 dental and cosmetics practices in Dubai and Lebanon, he is also an active lecturer for Friadent, 3I and ITI. So you can be sure you will be safe in his hands.

Our Orthodontist, Dr. Eyad Hamade, is a specialist in his field and is currently working for many clinics in Dubai. Upon opening the German Dental Center JLT, we thought that one of our Doctors should be a specialist in orthodontology, which means that you will receive the best treatment available from the best Doctor available to you.